Pink Hippo Skincare

I’m feeling all the love emojis right now as I get to share one of my favorite local skincare lines with you all. Dating back decades there have been harsh chemicals in most of skin products. These days wants to make steps in the healthiest, most beneficial direction and that means changing what we feed our bodies. We are *always* looking for the safest and most effective products for our delicate, aging skin and our precious babies (let’s be honest, if we all had marsupial pouches we would rock the heck out of them. Protective mama bears unite ✊🏼) 

Say hello to Pink Hippo. First, I have an amazing *TRIED & TRUE* sunscreen to rave about. All the finest ingredients available are used to make this all natural, organic, mineral-based sunscreen. This is an extremely moisturizing SPF, it blends well into the skin, smells amazing, and won’t bleed into your eyes- (AKA the most annoying thing ever.) The 30 spf is tough enough for both of my fair-skinned babies. 

Second is the deodorant that I LOVE! I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I’m spoiled. I had tons of backup deodorant stock and tossed it all because I will never settle for anything else.

Who is the mama behind these magical products?

Nilufer and daughter Yasemin Moore

Nilufer Tanrikulu is a Chemical Engineer that has been working in product development or 27 years as a Research Chemist. Since having grandchildren, Nilufer was inspired to create safe and effective products for their use. With the help from her daughter, Yasemin Moore, Nilufer recently launched Pink Hippo Skincare. And let’s not forget daddy Tanrikulu- he is also a Chemist (how cute is that?) and has played a huge role in product development behind the scenes. Yasemin is part of my mom group and she is absolutely the best. Family is everything to her, and she’s deeply passionate about the well-being of Charlotte moms and families. The Tanrikulu family makes an unstoppable team, and it’s only the very beginning of something huge for their business. I am so excited to watch Pink Hippo grow and flourish in the QC. 
But wait, there’s more! GIVEAWAY! I have not one, but TWO sets of PHSC ready to give two lucky winners πŸŽ€πŸŽ‰ To enter: Comment letting me know your go-to places in Charlotte to take the kiddos during the summer. Everyone’s always looking for ideas- even though summer will be gone in the blink of an eye 😱 #butthencomesfall …. GOOD LUCK! I will announce the winners on Monday morning!
β€’ order your goodies at:



38 thoughts on “Pink Hippo Skincare

  1. Anywhere that brings smiles to my sweet angel on earths face! Which seems to be everywhere b/c she loves to experience life to the fullest so it’s fun enjoying all of CLT’s fabulous summertime spots through a 2 year olds eyes!


  2. My current spot is my house this summer since I’m home with my 4 month old twinsπŸ˜‚ All day every day! If I could get out though, if love to go to Amelie’s for a glass of Rose and a salted caramel brownie!!!

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  3. Amelie’s at Park Road Shopping center is my new go-to for breakfast. Err wait. Anytime – let’s be honest. And we tried the splash pad at Romare Bearden Park recently – super fun for the kids!

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  4. First of all, I LOVE my Pink Hippo deodorant and now that I have something to keep me fresh in this weather I enjoy hanging in the gardens at the Duke Mansion, the kids play area is a little secret garden!

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  5. Cordelia park. Also Ray’s splash planet. Christopher has gotten into trampolines(sky high is his favorite) and putt putt too…we do whatever his mood wants lol

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  6. I need to try this! The Morrison YMCA has the best kiddie pool around- slides and it’s only 2 feet deep! Love anything that will keep the kids busy and safe.

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  7. Va Da Via Gelato in Park Road Shopping Center! Try the Orange Honey Avocado! It’s soooo good…and it’s avocado so it has to be healthy! 🀣

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  8. Spent the morning at Romare Bearden Park… picnic in the shade of a tree, cold waterfalls, and cool mist sprayers…ahhhhh…πŸŒ³πŸ’¦πŸŒ€

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  9. I have way too many newborns to go hang out anywhere, BUT, we love Imaginon, 7th street market, 1st ward park, and taking the choo choo light rail. All within walking distance πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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