The Produce Box

Is nutrition important to you and your family? Do you want to get the most nutrients possible from your fruits and vegetables? Do you like shopping local/supporting small businesses? Do you like the kind of shopping you do on the couch, in your underwear? Awesome. We’re off to a great start. I have used The Produce Box for 4 weeks now, and I’m in love. In it for life. So you’ve heard of Hello Fresh, right? That was kind of what this reminded me of when I first talked to Lauren Klitzsch. But oh, friends, it is so much better than Hello Fresh (not knocking anything, but if you live in NC, it’s just the facts…) ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

My very first Harvest Box ๐Ÿ˜

 I met Lauren several years back and had the pleasure of reconnecting with her on my Facebook mom page. She is the Marketing Manager at The Produce Box, and before that position she was a Neighborhood Coordinator. Btw, how gorgeous is her little family? 

When Lauren had children, her career life slowed down. She left her job to be a full time mama and like most of us, she noticed shifts in her priorities. Lauren became extremely passionate about nutrition and wanted to make sure her littles were getting the best of the best. That is how she discovered The Produce Box, and how ironic that the founder of the company had a similar story! 10 years ago, founder Courtney Tellefsen was a young mom with 2 kids under the age of 5. She wanted to know where the food she fed her children was coming from, as well as she wanted to create something that could simplify the shopping process. (10 years ago= The OG’s. Again…. just sayin’)

So what makes The Produce Box stand out? Why do you NEED to be a member? Here is my “why”: as I said in the beginning- shopping from my couch. Winner winner. More importantly, my kids love getting a magical box dropped off at our doorstep and I swear it has made a difference in their eating habits. Suddenly my extremely picky boy is eating more fruits and veggies- and loving it. I should mention.. the quality is 100%. I haven’t gotten anything in my boxes that didn’t taste fantastic. However, in the event that something didn’t work out for you, it’s easy to switch it out for something different. The Produce Box works directly with farmers and artisans in North Carolina. Before partnering, these farms are fully checked out and relationships are formed with their farmers to ensure they’re customers are getting the best foods. I love this. And why is eating local so important? When you are buying produce in grocery stores, from other delivery companies, etc- you don’t know exactly where they are coming from our how long they were transported before being ready to sell. The longer your produce is moved around, it may still be fine for a week or two in your home, but they have lost a ton of their nutrients. When I get a box from TPB, it came from a farm 3-4 days prior. That’s amazing. It also feels good to know I am supporting local farmers and all of the endless hours they spend working and tending to their crops, orchards, and more. It’s one of the most admirable jobs I can think of. 

More information you need to know about TPB: 

  • It is an organization of more than 200 stay-at-home moms and dads who provide home-delivered produce year round in the Triangle, Triad, Wilmington, and Charlotte. By supporting them, you are also helping raise funding for local schools and non-profits. It is a great little PT job and if anyone is interested in being a neighborhood coordinator- they are currently hiring! Easy & fun, only 5-7 hours a week… jump on it, my SAHMs! (You can apply at
  • Subscribers have the option of choosing from up to EIGHT customizable boxes and can add-on additional items such as local meats, artisanal cheeses, granola and fresh-baked breads. And since I know you’re wondering, they do offer meal boxes! All down to the recipe. When weekly ordering goes live you will often see new unique produce options available. Such a fun way to broaden your horizons- and your family’s! 
  •  There are no contracts involved, simply order when you like and skip when you need to. Easy peasy! 

Alright, I saved the best for last: Exclusively for Lucky Life viewers! $10 off your first box right here ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ [cue Carlton dance] ๐ŸŽ‰

Happy shopping and healthy living! I know you will be as thrilled and addicted to TPB as I am! 
Till next time, Anna ๐Ÿ’š

The Miraculous Dandelion Root

When you’re a kid, dandelions are totally awesome. Liam loves to pick them for me (swoon) and who doesn’t love to make a wish and blow all the fluff off? So stinkin’ sweet. Then you grow up and they become pesky weeds. Yay, we’re old and all of our imagination and optimism has seized. Wah wah. Here’s a fun little fact before I start explaining it’s health benefits: Wherever dandelion grows, it transforms it’s environment… allowing more delicate plant life to grow, hosting an array of nutrients for animals and humans alike, and delivering insects (like ๐Ÿ’s) nectar where other plants simply will not grow. Pretty cool, huh? 

Now onto dandelion root. This you may not know about, but you need to. I learned about dandelion root a little over a year ago, and all of the health benefits it provides. I [try to] make tea on a regular basis. I buy the root cut & sifted and use an infuser with Ritter’s honey (any local honey is best) and a tablespoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. Oh, Bragg’s… that magical stuff will need a post of it’s own eventually.

Side note: how cute is this little dude-man infuser on! I kind of need him. 

First thing to know about dandelion root: it is PACKED with vitamins and antioxidants– contains Luteolin, vitamins A,C, D, K & B complex and is rich in magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, manganese, choline, copper and boron. The high levels of B complex can act as a mood stabilizer. Second thing (my favorite): it aids in weightloss. How? It’s a diuretic. You will quickly shed water weight- yes, I mean less bloating. OMG. It is also high in fiber and serves as a mild laxative. A little common sense coming your way, just in case-don’t go crazy here. One serving a day is plenty

Now lets break this down [I feel so smart and nerdy right now ๐Ÿค“]:

With the calcium provided by dandelion root, you can avoid tooth decay, muscle tension and high blood pressure. Vitamin K is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in heart and bone health… and dandelions contain over 500 percent of your daily value. Whoa. So, not only are you avoiding a deficiency, you’re maintaining brain function and a healthy metabolism. As mamas, we need ALL of that. Vitamin K reduces the risk of bone fractures, especially in postmenopausal women who are at risk for osteoporosis. It also has cancer-fighting properties, reducing the risk of prostate, colon, nasal, oral, and stomach cancers. Basically this is a unicorn vitamin. 

All of the vitamins and nutrients present in dandelion cleanse the liver and keep it working properly. The role of our liver is to produce bile (which helps enzymes in the body break down fats into fatty acids) and to filter and detoxify our blood. Dandelions aid our digestive system by maintaining the proper flow of bile. They are also an amazing source of vitamin C, which helps with mineral absorption, reduces inflammation, and prevents the development of disease. 

Because dandelion is a diuretic, it helps remove access sugar that is stored in your body. What does this mean? It fights diabetes! If you have diabetes, dandelion intake will stimulate the production of insulin from the pancreas and keep blood sugar levels low. If our pancreas doesnโ€™t produce proper amounts of insulin, or if our cells canโ€™t properly process insulin, it results in diabetes. Because the glucose isnโ€™t properly utilized, it accumulates in the bloodstream and results in high blood glucose or sugar levels. The research I did on diabetes really hit home for me- one of my closest friend’s sweet daughter was recently diagnosed with Type I and it’s taken a toll on all of us. Shoutout to one of the strongest chicks I know, I will always be #BraveForAve! โค๏ธ

 Moving along…. When you break a dandelion stem, you will get a milky white substance on your fingers and it is wonderful for your skin. The sap of a dandelion is high alkaline, and has germicidal, insecticidal & fungicidal properties. You can also use this sap to relieve itching or irritation from eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, and other skin infections

Because dandelion is so rich in fiber, it is a beneficial aid for digestion and intestinal health. High-fiber diets also reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and kidney stones. And lastly- the vitamin A plays a vital role in maintaining healthy vision, neurological function, healthy skin and more. Like vitamin C, it fights inflammation. Just one cup of dandelion greens has over 100% of your daily value of vit A… so you can fight premature aging, respiratory infections & vision impairment. For our pregnant ladies- getting enough vitamin A is extreeeemely important, especially in the third trimester! And it prevents UTI’s! 

That was a lot of info- but did I sell you on it? Go get some ASAP and add it to your daily routine. I also have a bottle of dandelion capsules I picked up at Whole Foods for on-the-go help when ain’t nobody got time for making tea. 

Till next time, my Lucky Loves!