Leela & Lee Designs

I’m so excited to share this local business with my Lucky Life family. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is one of the most special posts I’ll ever do… I know, I’m one month old. But I’m declaring it. 😉 With rapid growth, Leela & Lee’s stunning jewelry is quickly becoming a Charlotte staple. Once you learn this beautiful jewelry and the and heart and soul behind it- you’ll recognize it anywhere. 

Mary Ann with husband Christian, Lee & Evelyn Ann – Nov 2014

Let me first tell you how I heard about Leela & Lee. As you all know, I’m a CLT Find-aholic. I’ve been buying necklaces, my girlfriend got me one for my birthday, and I was so impressed by the style and detail put into these pieces. Fast forward a month later, I found a mama on M2M (non locals- M2M is my online mom group) and she shared a short piece of information about herself that had a massive impact on my heart. The post she commented on was about a family that lost their little boy in Atlanta due to a total, freak accident. Major tragedy that had our whole little tribe shook to the core. Thats where I saw the comment from Mary Ann Ciciarelli saying that she lost her 5 year old son in 2015. She sent her condolences and offered a helping hand if the family needed someone to talk to. My heart dropped into my stomach as I clicked on Mary Ann’s profile and began stalking away. I see this happy family with their two little baby angels, a boy and girl that are around the same ages as Liam and Palmer. Then I learned that she owns Leela & Lee. So not only am I sitting over here bawling about such a tragic yet incredible story…. I’m wearing her jewelry. Pretty sure I reached out to her after just to tell her she was a rockstar. We’ve stayed in touch since and I’m so blessed to call her a friend of mine. 

❤️💙Now, let me talk to you about Mary Ann’s son, Lee. Throughout you’ll see a plethora of collages because A- I couldn’t pick only a couple pictures and B- You can learn a lot about this sweet boy (and family) just through photos. This little superhero was born on Easter Monday, 4.5.2010. 

After some health issues in his first year of life, a Long QT 8 was ultimately found through an EKG which is otherwise known as the rare disorder, Timothy Syndrome. Lee was one when he received this diagnosis. Timothy Syndrome is rather new and considered to be a cardiac condition. After a risky heart surgery at such a young age, Lee began beating the odds.

As you can see, this ray of sunshine lived his life to the FULLEST. In November of 2015, Lee started having symptoms children commonly get with a cold… only with his fever, this meant a hypoglycemic seizure could come on. And it did. At one point he seized until his heart came to a complete stop. CPR was performed for 9 minutes and they were able to revive Lee, but the loss of oxygen made too severe of an impact on his fragile body. On November 24th, 2015, Mary Ann & Christian made the hardest decision of their lives. They chose to remove the breathing tubes as they sang their blessing song to the little love of their lives. 

Lee’s light continues to shine brightly through his family’s dedication to the Timothy Syndrome Alliance, co-founded by Mary Ann. His story brings outstanding awareness, and with Leela & Lee, Mary Ann is able to raise money toward TSA (10% of every purchase goes to TSA!) Also, very cool fact- Lee got his name “Super Lee” because just weeks before his passing, he had the whole family dress up as Superman for Halloween. What’s so crazy about this? Although I didn’t know the Ciciarelli’s yet, I too, chose to dress my little family up in Superman costumes. I truly believe it was not a coincidence, but a God thing. And there is a big reason that Mary Ann’s family was brought into my life! 

Also, Lee’s baby sister Evelyn Ann. Oh that sweet girl. She will forever be the proof of little Lee’s testimony- she looks so much like him and loves him as much as he does her from in Heaven. EA has brought so much beauty and joy to heavy times, and she will forever carry on her big brother’s legacy. 
Speaking of Evelyn Ann she ALSO rocks Leela & Lee jewelry because (drum roll please…..!) there is children’s jewelry available for purchase! You can find it at Argyle Alligator 😍 Obligatory modeling pics that are almost too cute to handle:

Evelyn Ann with her cousin, Amaya

You can order your goodies at leelaandleedesigns.com ~or~ find pieces at CLT Find (within 7th Street Market) & Moxie Mercantile (Plaza Midwood). And in case you have relatives or friends in Roanoke, Virginia- you can also find Leela & Lee at Magnolia Furnishings. 
Now, last but not least, the amazing GIVEAWAY! To enter to win: Comment below and tell me about someone that has/is struggling in your life and why they inspire you. You don’t have to use names, just share what you can. For a second entry, follow @leelaandlee & @luckylifeblog on Instagram! Winner will be announced Wednesday morning- our first preseason GAMEDAY!! Go Panthers! I will have it at your door ASAP so you can rock it for the game that evening! If you can’t already tell, I’m obsessed with mine…. 

Best of luck to my Lucky Life lovers that enter to win! I love you all, until next time….